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I Am NOT a Princess Gear available soon!

When I wrote this story, almost six years ago now, I had no idea what a controversial topic I had stumbled upon. The whole idea of girls and how they are socialized is truly a hotbed issue. Growing up in the seventies my female role models were the Charlie's Angels and Wonderwoman. I had little awareness of anything princess. However, thirty years later when I had my daughter princesses were everywhere. Inescapable. 

A lot has happened since I originally wrote this tale. New movies have come out, including Brave and Frozen that feature strong female characters who aren't your typical princess types waiting to be rescued by some man. I guess that's part of what bothered me so much when my daughter started to gravitate towards all things princess. To me that meant she might actually buy into everything that comes with that... the idea that girls should spend most of their time focusing on their looks because that's what they will be valued for... the end goal of finding that perfect prince to take care of you, because girls aren't able to take care of themselves. Ugh!!! I want my daughter to focus on becoming a happy and well-rounded human being who has goals and ambitions that aren't limited by her gender. It's about time little girls had role models who represent what a truly successful life looks like for a woman. Now we even a female candidate for president, so times are changing. Slowly.

After we started working on this book I realized how much more it meant to me than a simple tale about a little girl figuring out there's more to life than being a princess. It's really about rejecting the whole societal concept of the vulnerable female. It's about wanting the best for our daughters and all women. We are so much more than our looks. Our work, our intelligence, our contributions to family and society are equal to men's beyond question. This book is actually about empowering girls to rise up and become everything they can be without the distraction of all that girly stuff.

So instead of just writing a little book I would love to have my little book become part of something much bigger. That is why as part of this adventure I've decided to design and sell I Am NOT a Princess! gear. I created an I Am NOT a Princess! logo which will be printed on hats, shirts and possibly bags. Hopefully many of my readers will also understand the deeper meaning of the book and perhaps be inspired to demonstrate that by wearing the gear. I plan to wear my gear everywhere and let the whole world know, I Am NOT a Princess!, but so much more!

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