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I Am NOT a Princess!

This story was inspired by a young girl who believed that nothing could be better than being a princess. That girl's name is Eliza Dinenberg and like most little girls by the age of three she had seen many movies and shows about princesses. Of course, all of these princess stories made being a princess seem spectacular! Who wouldn't want to spend their life living in a beautiful castle with a handsome prince? Who wouldn't want to wear gorgeous gowns and drip with jewels? Not to mention servants to wait on you hand and foot!

Eliza's mother, Bethany Burt, was horrified by her daughter's apparent obsession with all things princess.

She watched her daughter teeter around in plastic, pink, high heeled princess shoes, and dress solely in princess gowns, which were incredibly impractical for a young girl wanting to do any sort of physical activity. Bethany desperately wanted to persuade Eliza that there was more to life than being a princess. But arguing with a three year old is useless, so instead of fighting with her princessly primped daughter, Bethany decided to write a story about her. Hopefully Eliza would read it and finally realize that perhaps there was more to life than being a princess.

At the time Bethany was working as a graphic designer at The Merz Group, a branding and marketing company located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. There her good friend, creative director, Brenda McCallum, read her story and was inspired to create the illustrations. Her wonderfully detailed and charming illustrations brought the story to life!

Now other parents who are facing the princess frenzy can benefit from the powerful message in this delightful book. Children are sponges and in a culture that is overflowing with princess movies, shows, books, toys, dolls, and accessories it's almost impossible for girls to avoid being touched by the princess phenomenon. I Am NOT a Princess! is a delightful tale that will entertain and perhaps help more girls discover the limitations of being a princess. 

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